TPO Roofing

All You Need To Know

New advancements in the roofing industry are worth mentioning and eye-catching for house owners and commercial building owners. There are many varieties of roofing materials with their effective and unique features available widely, but what about the most exclusively effective and efficient material suitable for all types of roofing, commercial or regular?

So, if you are looking for a bright white roof with approximately 25 years of guarantee services, TPO roofing is all you need to know about. This article will give you a detailed description of the material, cost, advantages, and disadvantages. So get connected till the end.

What Is TPO Roofing?

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, a type of single-ply membrane that is one of the most widely used materials for commercial areas. It was introduced in the twentieth century as an efficient, heat-reflective alternative to the roofing market. 

Its scope expanded in the commercial market when the experts added different quality roofing materials and blended the ply membrane with other materials, which are good for protecting the roof from harsh weather conditions.


Blending Of TPO Ply Membrane

Now the question is how it is used and which materials are used to blend with TPO membrane as insulation. This ply membrane is a narrow sheet that acts as the protective lawyer and comprises three lawyers;

  • Thermoplastic polyolefin inner lawyer
  • Scrim; polyester-reinforced fabric lawyer
  • Thermoplastic polyolefin outer lawyer

TPO is made of rubber and blends with fiberglass, talc, and carbon fiber to make it a protective shield. These materials add more strength and elastic strength to the inner lawyer.

Scrim is composed of polyester reinforced fabric material which features to roll down easily and ultimately increases the membrane’s flexibility.

The outer layer is composed of thermoplastic polyolefin to increase its validity and lifetime service. TPO roofing has a specialty: a shining and bright whiter outer surface, which gives an attractive outlook to the roofing. 

You might be thinking that the outer weather conditions can damage its outer look, but there is nothing to worry about because TPO roofing does not contain any harsh chemicals that can harm the roofing outlook as chlorine does.

Pros And Cons Of TPO Roofing:

After you have learned about TPO roofing, you must have made up your mind to put it first on your roof. But knowing the pros and cons can help you better decide whether you choose it or not;


There are various advantages of a single-ply membrane. I put some of them here;

  • The TPO roofing lasts approximately 25 years if properly installed and maintained over the roof.
  • TPO roofing is dense in customer options. They are widely present in various colors, shapes, sizes, and widths. You can select for your required needs.
  • If the TPO membrane is blended with fire-resistant material, it can exclusively help fire-resistant.
  • As the membrane’s color is white but super-reflective to heat waves


  • As it is new in the field, the material has no proven records for its quality. So, one must consider this factor while buying TPO roofing.
  • TPO roofing must be maintained and installed to hold up for longer to work well and guarantee services. This installation cannot be done without an expert and professional. So, hire an expert in the field for installation; newbie cannot do well.
  • If it is not installed well in the first turn, rewilding can cost more than expected.

Does TPO Roofing Provide Longer Lifetime Services?

In the roofing industry, it is hard to find roofing materials with a longer lifetime and reliability due to climatic change. The adverse effects of climate change affect the services of roofing materials. It is also why owners look for efficient materials to provide long-lasting services. 

TPO roofing is one of the ply membrane roofing that provides effective insulation and we maintenance to your house. Approximately it lasts for 25 years, but an expert should insulate it.

  • Approximate Cost For TPO Roofing

Many people ask for the price range of TPO roofing, but they do not find one figure as the color, shape, and size range decides the roofing price. The blending materials also decide to price. So it may vary regarding your roofing options. But the approximate price for a small TPO roofing membrane is $14-$17 per square foot.


If you are new in the roofing industry, one thing must know. Choosing the right roof material can improve your home and increase your house’s lifetime. We hope the information mentioned above about TPO roofing can help you find your way.